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BAWA Photo Archives

Swan River Swiss


Western Seniors

Xmas Party

Golden West GNOT


2004 HGR



Terry Glover

2005 Swan River Swiss

2005 HGR

2005 Western Seniors

2005 Xmas Party

2014 Golden West Winners 2014 GNOT

2006 Youth Photos

2006 Swan River Swiss

2006 HGR

2006 Western Seniors

2006 Xmas Party

2015 Golden West Winners 2008 Senior Selection2015 GNOT

2007 GNOT Final.

2007 Swan River Swiss

2007 HGR

2007 Western Seniors

2007 Xmas Party

2016 Golden West Winners 2016 GNOT

2008 Senior Selection

2008 Swan River Swiss

2008 HGR

2008 Western Seniors

2008 Xmas Party


2008 Senior Selection2011 ANC Melbourne

2009 Swan River Swiss

2009 HGR

2009 Western Seniors

2009 Xmas Party


2008 Senior Selection2011 GNOT

2010 Swan River Swiss

2010 HGR

2010 Western Seniors

2010 Xmas Party


2008 Senior Selection2008 Senior Selection2011 Masters in Teams of 3

2011 Swan River Swiss

2011 HGR

2011 Western Seniors

2011 Xmas Party


2012 ANC Winners

2012 Swan River Swiss 2012 HGR 2015 Western Seniors 2012 Xmas Party     2012 Super Vets Winners
2014 Swan River Swiss     2014 Xmas Party     2015 ANC
2015 Swan River Swiss     2015 Xmas Party     2016 Masters in Teams of 3
2016 Swan River Swiss 2016 Xmas Party
2017 Swan River Swiss     2017 Xmas Party      
2018 Swan River Swiss            


The 2007 ANC in Perth

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