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Club Congress Entry Lists.

Entry to an event entails a commitment to play every session. Penalties may apply to pairs failing to arrive or failing to give 24 hours notice to the Tournament Director. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance, it is the player's responsibility to arrange a suitable substitute.

To check the suitability of a substitute email the director by clicking their name.

Players are reminded that electronic payment of BAWA entry fees is the preferred option.

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Zonta Congress - (Begins Saturday, 17 June 2023 at 9:30am)   Maximum Tables: 30

Director: Brian Wade 0427 133 747

Cassie Morin Liz Farr  Lesley Maff  Margaret Armstrong 
Do Dean Jenny Bowler  Sue V Thomas  TBA 
Ruth Willers Ronnie Nilant  Karen Andrus  Dorothy Cherrington 
Helen Lewis Michele Pollock   Elsie Chua  Ingrid Gilfillan 
RoseyLill John Lill  10  Sue mcgill  Bev mallabone  
11  Jennifer Shaw Julie Crewe   12  Ron Grogan  Catherine Grogan 
13  Beverly Hopley Joy Gibson  14  Karen Wallwork   Lisa cusack 
15  Jo Sklarz TBA  16  Roberta Altmuner  Joan Touyz 
17  Margaret Nixon Patricia Etherington  18  Rosina Courtney  Pat Leavy 
19  Kerry Berryman Linda Clayton  20  Michael Stewart  Brian Appleyard 
21  Patrick Smith Gillian Disey  22  Roz Trend  Trish Anderson 
23  J Mayhew J Burgess  24  Dianne Taylor  Jos De Klerk 
25  Jenny Reid Robyn Clifton   26  Deana Wilson  Pim Birss 
27  Jane Glass Freda Ietto  28  Dave Munro  Gwyneira Brahma 
29  Beverly Hunt Jane Ward  30  J Blight  B Prince 
31  Maureen Carcione Judith Sterrett  32  Pauline Ash  Annie Mulcahy