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Club Congress Entry Lists.

Entry to an event entails a commitment to play every session. Penalties may apply to pairs failing to arrive or failing to give 24 hours notice to the Tournament Director. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance, it is the player's responsibility to arrange a suitable substitute.

To check the suitability of a substitute email the director by clicking their name.

Players are reminded that electronic payment of BAWA entry fees is the preferred option.

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Super Vets Congress - (Begins Sunday, 30 October 2022 at 10:00am)   Maximum Tables: 30

Director: Jonathan Free - 0407 202 776

Do Dean Rod Bryant  Robert Wylie  Merleine Wylie 
Helen Kemp Gill Gavshon  Joseph Gaudet  Peter Clarke 
Brian Embleton Rhona Barton  Lyn Toft  Abe Rosenstreich 
Lorraine Rea Barbara Hendrie  De arn Alexander  Maria Ikier 
Helen Lewis Garth Scotford  10  F Maltby  D Brooks 
11  Helen Arendts Barbara Frost  12  Marion Bogue  Val Keevil  
13  Margaret Tierney Ray Purdy  14  Shelley allen  Tba 
15  G Cronin W Kappelle  16  Patricia Rosser  Corinne Monteath 
17  Hilary Heptinstall Terence Heptinstall   18  J Beddow  C Bagley 
19  David Cowell Ann Hopfmueller  20  Angeline Christie  J Touyz 
21  anneta doktorovich Billie Skinner  22  Carol Pocock  Ross Duberal  
23  Edward North Adrienne North  24  Diane Tilvern  Margaret Szymakawski 
25  M Phillips P Partis  26  Lily Lim  Audrey Stokes 
27  D Jones B Prince  28  Alan Tolley  dawn duly 
29  L Wild B McCarthy  30  Geoff Yeo  John Mcmullan 
31  Wendy Harman Jeanne Hey  32  Jocelyn parry   Kate north  
33  wendy discoll Jan Blight  34  Vivian Thomas  Mal Clark 
35  N. Law D. Schokman  36  D. Frankel  D. Greenfeld 
37  Karel Vahala Hugh Forbes  38  Lyndall Steed  Maureen Hughes 
39  P Holloway R Harper  40  Ann Apthorp  JUdy Crooke 
41  Jay Medhat Marleen Medhat  42  D. Dale  M. Dale 
43  Kitty George Angela Roberts  44  Cynthia ADLER  Esther FINKELSTEIN 
45  Noel Daniel Leon Ref  46  Joan valentine  Carol newport 
47  Jeannie Ravn Danny Ravn  48  Luba Klein  Louis Klein