Bridge Software by Nigel Dutton

ABF State & Club Master Point Secretaries Utility (Nat4Win)

For state & club master point secretaries only. Requires national.txt and national.clb to be installed.

Click here to download the latest version of nat4win.exe

Bridge Generator (Bgen for Windows)

Bridge Generator is an easy to use Windows© based hand generator, which allows the user to decide on what type of hands are generated. The user defines hands based on points, shapes, honor cards, controls and even “must have” cards. Once these hand definitions have been created (many are supplied with the program) deals can now be generated using these definitions for one or more seats. Also set hand(s) may be entered and Bridge Generator will deal the remainder of the board using a random or fixed pattern. Perfect for testing your new conventions or to settle those system and bidding arguments.

Deals may be printed with each hand on a separate page, which is perfect for partnership practice, or a normal 16 boards per page - great for a team’s practice session. Produces files that are compatible with both the Duplimate© and EBA Dealing machines.

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Deep Finesse – Duplimate Converter

Coverts Duplimate© and EBA Dealing machine hand formats (.dge) into files that can be loaded directly into Deep Finesse©.  Note: you must own Deep Finesse before this program is useful.

Click here to download DFConvert now.

Hand Generator

A superior Windows© based hand generation program based entirely on the work done by Hans van Staveren. Bigger Deal is a direct translation of the DOS based Big Deal written by Hans. The C - Delphi translation was done by Daniel Axtens and the windows front end by Nigel Dutton.

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