System Cards

Pairs playing Highly Artificial Systems are required to submit their system on an ABF card Pairs playing an Artificial Systems are encouraged to submit the same.

The following cards have been submitted so far.

Dutton - Merven MOSCITO   (Supplementary Notes)

Cooper - Cooper FORCING PASS

Fuller - Allen FORCING PASS

Mulley/Brayshaw/Munro NON VUL Suspensor (VUL 2/1)
Raisin-Brayshaw HA    
Suggested Defence to Forcing Pass    

BAWA System Information 

Bidding Systems

6.1. System Classifications

Highly artificial (H.A.) systems are defined as those which exhibit one or more of the following features, as a matter of partnership agreement:

  • A pass in the opening position which does not imply absence of the qualifications for a natural opening bid of one, but which shows or may show a hand of 12 or more high card points or a hand that would be judged at least worthy of initial action at the one level in a natural system.

  • An opening bid or bids at the level of one which in principle is or may be weaker than an opening pass in the system, or which is or maybe a hand not meeting normal standards for an opening bid of one. (according to the Rule of 18 *).

  • An opening bid or bids at the level of one, which has two or more distinct potential meanings (except for an opening bid of one club showing either a strong club opener or other naturally inclined or balanced one club system).

* Rule of 18: states that the number of High Card Points plus the number of cards in the two longest suits shall total no less than 18.


Artificial systems are defined as those systems that, while not falling under the definition of Highly Artificial, display a significant degree of artificiality, for example:

  • Frequent use of relays.

  • An opening bid of one club that covers both a strong club opener and other naturally inclined or balanced one club openers.

  • Opening bids at the two or three level that have two or more distinct potential meanings.

  • Variation of basic methods according to position and/or vulnerability.

  • First-round responses to opening bids containing more than one distinct meaning not related to the suit bid (except for a one diamond response to a strong one club opener showing a negative or an "impossible negative").

  • Other conventions or treatments requiring defensive preparation.

6.2. System Eligibility

Highly artificial systems may only be played in events comprising of matches of 8 or more boards duration (Teams, Butler and Swiss events). If a H.A. system is used, players must make available to the Tournament Director a fully documented system summary not less than 7days before the start of the event in which such a system is to be played. Furthermore, a comprehensive system card should be forwarded to the BAWA web master for posting on the systems web page.

Failure to satisfy this condition may result in the system being disallowed for part or the entire event.

For Highly Artificial Systems played in events held at various venues (e.g. League Teams) the opposing captain must be supplied with a copy of the system at least 1 week prior to the match).

Any pair in doubt as to the legality and/or classification of their system should submit a full system summary to the Tournament Committee for evaluation.

BAWA reserves the right to classify any such system and may do so by an interpretation of the spirit as well as the letter of the above regulations.


7. System Cards

In all BAWA Red & Gold point events each player must have a comprehensive, legible ABF or WBF system card. The card should be available at all times during play. Clubs should ensure a supply of blank cards is available to players, especially at Congresses where non-regular partnerships may be playing.